” I just want to have a little pity party for myself right now.”

This was coming from my client Mary, who is a very successful real estate agent with a full funnel of buyers. She was managing several problem deals, one of which was on the verge of falling apart.

I asked her “What shoes are you wearing right now?” I really wasn’t interested in the exact pair of shoes she was wearing at that time.  What I wanted to know was ‘who she wanted to be’ in that moment.  I wanted to know what kind of shoes she would rather wear, other than ‘pity party’ shoes.

What’s on your feet?

Feet are very important to our health.  They are the the connection between our body and the earth and how we stand and walk in it.  Your feet are the foundation of how we move through life and what we build upon.  We choose to adorn our feet with socks and shoes at times for a variety of reasons, including keeping warm and dry, preventing disease, comfort and aesthetics.

During one of my runs back in Indiana, I was passed by a gentlemen who was running faster than I, yet appeared to be running a little timidly as well.  When I looked at his feet, they looked like he was wearing one of those ‘barely there’ type of running shoes that conform to you feet and toes.

I was curious, so I picked up the pace and caught up with him, only to find out that he wasn’t wearing any shoes at all!  He explained that he’d been running this way for years and he found it the best way for him.  The bottom of his feet had built up quite a thick skin to compensate, and he had to be on the lookout for potentially damaging random objects in the road (hence his slightly timid stride).

His choice of no shoes gave him a sense of freedom, independence, and empowerment. He could run anywhere and anytime.  It didn’t matter if he had his running shoes and socks.  He didn’t need them. And as far as I can tell, his health was not damaged by his choice.


Whether we choose to wear our pity party shoes, or our empowered barefoot status, the choice is always ours.

Which pair of shoes do you want to wear today? What choice will you make today?  Here are some ideas:

Empowerment Shoes

Motivational Leader Shoes

Million Dollar Shoes

Courageous Shoes

Confidence Shoes

Who would you be in each of those pairs of shoes?  You get to decide for today.  Choose wisely.