Do you have a team member who loves to read and analyze things?  They may be really good at computers, or enforcing rules and regulations. These team members tend to see things as very black and white, without a whole lot of room for gray areas.  They can get very upset if things happen because the rules weren’t followed.

Congratulations, you are working with someone who has Banker energy according to the Core Values Index™.  What does that mean?

A person with a lot of Banker energy tends to:

  • focus on data and analysis.
  • see the world as right or wrong.
  • believe that all things should be fair and equitable.
  • disappear when they disagree with what’s happening.
  • ignore the need to nurture work relationships.
  • make decisions based on data and take little risk.
  • learn through reading and analyzing.
  • judge others who they perceive as ‘not following the rules’.
  • wait until there is enough data gathered before making a decision.

As you can see, there are always advantages and disadvantages to the Banker energy. Everyone wants a Banker on their team because they have an immense amount of knowledge and they know where the data can be found. However, for those people who want to move very quickly, or who have a need to nurture relationships, or ask questions, working with a Banker can feel like they are moving as slow as molasses. A Banker does not like to take any risk, and they want to be sure of something before they move on it.

So what should you do if you are not a Banker? Try the following:

  • Reassure a Banker that you are committed to the importance of data, fairness and equity as well.
  • Explain the plan to move forward, but reinforce how much data is needed, and the timeframe.
  • Value the knowledge of the Banker and point to the need for his/her expertise.
  • Show a Banker how the plan is achieving a solution that is fair and equitable.

If you are curious about the Core Values Index™, take the free assessment at this link:

Core Values Index™and feel free to share with anyone on your team.

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