Do you have a team member who can’t sit still in meetings, seems impatient with long discussions, and takes actions without thinking it through? Congratulations, you are working with someone who has Builder energy according to the Core Values Index™.  What does that mean?

A person with a lot of Builder energy tends to:

  • focus on action and results.
  • trust their instincts.
  • dismiss the need for data or assessments.
  • move fast, and thus makes many mistakes.
  • move fast, and thus sometimes makes great things happen.
  • learn through making decisions and acting on them.
  • be impatient with others who need time to analyze and assess.
  • miss the understanding of how relationships might be affected by their decisions.

As you can see, there are always advantages and disadvantages to the Builder energy. Everyone wants a Builder on their team because they get things done and move forward consistently. However, for those people who value relationships overall, or who need data or assessment before making a decision, working with a Builder can feel like they have just been flattened by a steam roller.

So what should you do if you are not a Builder? Try the following:

  • Reassure a Builder that you are committed to action and results as well.
  • Explain the plan to assess and gather data, but reinforce a timeline.
  • Value the instincts of the Builder and point to even better results after an assessment.
  • Promise action.

If you are curious about the Core Values Index™, take the free assessment at this link:

Core Values Index™and feel free to share with anyone on your team.

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